Consumer Insights on Loyal Customers versus Raving Fans

Thanks to food allergies I eat Mexican food very frequently. I’m a raving fan of Chipotle; however, my wife prefers a local full-service Mexican restaurant where we’ve eaten at least once a week for more than five years.

I eat at Chipotle virtually every day, I own their stock, I blog about them, I introduce my friends to them, I have online conversations with Chipotle’s director of customer satisfaction, I let Chipotle employees know when they do a good job and when something needs attending to in the restaurant.

While my wife and I may be a loyal customer of the local Mexican restaurant, I’m not a raving fan and I’m not inclined to invest the same level of “raving fan” support that I provide on a regular basis to Chipotle.

I’ve seen a lot of discussions about the difference between satisfied customers and loyal customers. I don’t see a lot of discussion differentiating loyal customers from raving fans. In the case of my example above, I know I spend 2.5 to 3-times more at Chipotle over the course of a year than I do at the local Mexican restaurant. However, I’m confident my other contributions to Chipotle far outweigh the revenue I directly generate — especially when you consider the lifetime value of the new, now regular, customers I have introduced to Chipotle.

Do you know the difference between your raving fans and your loyal customers?


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