Consumer Insights on Standard of Trust

I enjoyed meeting Rob Peters during a conference call of “Top Recommended People.” Rob is the founder of Standard of Trust ( an organization attempting to measure “relationship capital management” for individuals and corporations.

The goal of Standard of Trust is to develop higher levels of trust and reputation by capturing, measuring and managing relationship capital. With Rob’s vision, we will have a world where individual and organizational reputations are measured and predicted by the acquisition and growth of their relationship capital.

By measuring individuals, work groups, products and other assets on whether or not they keep their commitments and perceptions, you will be able to:

– Improve levels of performance
– Quantify the golden rule
– Provide real-time appraisal or performance or satisfaction
– Demonstrate the quality of character
– Provide qualitative and quantitative insights on the impact of relationships on business performance
– Create a community and companies and individuals dedicated to the execution, promotion and building relationship capital in business and other interactions

Ultimately, I see Ron Peters’ organization help separate the people with whom you want to do business from those that you don’t.

What do you think?

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