Consumer Insights on Design

I enjoyed reading Danielle Sacks interview of Gadi Amit in the October edition of Fast Company in the article entitled, “What’s Wrong With Green Design?”

I have written frequently on how strongly I believe consumer have emotional connections with brands products and services. This has been confirmed in research conducted by Dr. Bruce Hall of Howard, Merrell & Partners and well as Dr. A.K. Pradeep of Neurofocus.

In answering the question about, “What defines the period we are in now? Has the sustainable-design movement become the new industry standard, the heartbeat of mainstream design?” Amit notes, “The bottom line is there’s no replacement for emotional connection. Sustainability promoters need to understand that without this emotional, cultural enabler, they face a very tough uphill battle.”

I believe Drs. Hall and Pradeep would agree with Mr. Amit’s assertion. I know I do.

Does your design make an emotional connection with your prospects and customers?


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