Consumer Insights on Sales and Marketing Alignment

Consumer insights on inbound marketing

I had the opportunity to attend a webinar recently where Mike Volpe, V.P. of marketing for HubSpot, and Mark Roberge, V.P. of sales for HubSpot, shared how they worked so well together.

They shared six ways to improve the alignment between sales and marketing:

1. Build strong communication

  • Meet frequently — at least weekly unless more is necessary
  •  Have multiple relationships between sales and marketing — they even suggest having the groups co-mingled so one can see what the other is going through
  • Ensure that input is going both ways and that both sides have an equal voice
  • Encourage a lot of feedback about what’s working, what isn’t and how to fix it
  • Agree on terminology — do sales and marketing both agree on the definition of a “qualified lead?”
  • Use data to communicate specific points or examples — do not vague claims to go unsubstantiated

2. Establish a Service Level agreement

  • Agree on terminology and metrics
  • Sales goals need to be communicated to marketing
  • Specific metrics should be in writing
  • These metrics should be quickly and easily measured
  • Progress should be measured and reported daily

3. Grade and filter leads

  • Use data, not intuition
  • Measure on company aligned metrics
  • Use demographic, firmographic and behavioral data to identify the most promising leads
  • Use data to drive the lead grade
  • Agree on the goal for a lead

4. Grow the top of the funnel

  • Growing the top of the funnel by less than 20% per year is shrinking
  • Use search engines, blogs, and social media to publish intellectual content and to drive leads
  • Optimize your content
  • The cost per lead is 60% lower with inbound marketing versus outbound marketing

5. Nurture premature leads

  • Segment the leads database and follow-up on those that are not yet “warm” or “hot” on a predetermined schedule
  • Educate the prospects about your firm, your products and your services — build trust
  • Work to close these leads over time
  • Go beyond e-mail in interacting with these prospects

6. Analyze the closed loop

  • Dedupe your list of prospects
  • Import your prospects to your CRM system
  • Add intelligence gained on each lead to your CRM system
  • Ensure contact information and the status is kept up to date by everyone interacting with the customer or prospect
  • Track leads all the way through sales, regardless of the length of time to close
  • Tie website visitors to closed deals
  • Measure your lead funnel
  • Analyze each channel to determine what’s working and what isn’t

What other ways have you found to improve the relationship between sales and marketing?


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One Response to Consumer Insights on Sales and Marketing Alignment

  1. Mike Volpe says:

    Glad you enjoyed the webinar! I hope to “see” you again on one in the future.

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