Consumer Insights on Change

Only 8 percent of people are able to make lifestyle changes (e.g., lose weight, stop smoking, start exercising) recommended by their doctor to improve their quality of life or lifespan. Only 15 percent of business strategies are fully executed.

With the advent of the internet and social media, “complexity” has overtaken “change” as the one thing that most concerns business executives.

Why is change so hard? Because we become comfortable with what we know and uncomfortable with the thought of having to learn a new way of doing things. However we all know change is inevitable. As such, we’d be better off embracing change rather than fighting or ignoring it.

Do you judge yourself on your intentions and everyone else on their actions? What do you think your customers do?

What often looks like a people problem is often a situation problem. If you think you’re having a problem with your customers or prospects, try changing the situation in which they see your products or services.

What looks like laziness is actually exhaustion. Think about how people’s lives have changed in the last 10 years. This effects your employees, your customers and your prospects. What can you do to make things simpler, less exhausting?

What looks like resistance is often lack of clarity. Model the behavior you expect of your employees. Ask loyal customers to model their behavior for prospects perhaps by providing a testimonial or a referral.

Today, knowing what to do is not enough. People must see and feel what they need to do.

What can you do to facilitate change among your employees, your customers and your prospects?


About Chipotle for Life

An integrated marketing professional who generates insights from analytics to increase revenue. My blog for marketing now resides at After getting requests from a number of people about my eating and exercise routine, I've decided to begin sharing about my healthy obsession with Chipotle and exercise.
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