Consumer Insights on “The Little Things”

I’m in a LinkedIn group where members shared the most important things “to do” to have a successful small business. I think this could be just as important to medium and large businesses as well. What follows is a short list of things to consider and then an example of a limousine company that seems to be doing “the little things” very well.

  1. Increase your number of loyal customers by providing customized service.
  2. Good follow-up — automatic and timely.
  3. Network to build your business — you never know who knows your next customer.
  4. Time blocking — ensure you spend the appropriate amount of time on finances, operations, marketing, business development, employee development, etc.
  5. Create raving fans and ask them for referrals.
  6. Exceed customer expectations — remember you only know what those expectations are when you ask.
  7. Send five handwritten notes per day — thank you’s, look forward to seeing you, haven’t seen you in a while, happy birthday, etc.
  8. Focus on educating your customers versus selling them.

Royal Carriages limousine is doing the following:

  • Confirms all scheduled appointments the day before.
  • Keeps their cars in immaculate condition — clean and safe.
  • Cold water and soft drinks for customers plus anything else the customer requests.
  • Extra hour at no charge on weekdays.
  • Red carpet and candles for a client proposing marriage.
  • Takes party buses to active nightlife areas to let people look inside.
  • Calls customers between trips to let them know about special offers and other news.
  • Forms affiliations with other businesses (e.g., anesthesiology group for doctors and patients).

What little things could you be doing for your customers?


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