Consumer Insights on Empowered Employees and Customers

With the advent of social media technology and customers’ desires to have a relationship and dialogue with their product and service providers, it’s time to empower employees to enhance the relationship and facilitate the dialogue with customers and prospects.

Every customer-facing worker, every marketer, every sales person and every customer service rep has access to technology that enables them to enhance customer relationships and engage in a dialogue. Because of this, you will be able to address the customer via the channel in which they want to engage with your company.

Given this, you need to train your employees to be goodwill ambassadors for your firm. The effort needs to be coordinated and consistent and it needs to be evangelized from the top of the organization — evangelized, not controlled. You cannot control it. You can monitor, assist, coach, teach and reward but you cannot control.

Once you’ve empowered your employees, think about empowering your customers as well the way CDW has engaged customers to provide ongoing customer research or Genzyme has identified 450 customers willing to talk about their experience with artificial joint lubrication. Who do you think a potential patient would rather hear about this product from, Genzyme or a patient that’s already using it?

Do you think empowering your employees and customers could help grow your business through greater customer satisfaction, testimonials and referrals?


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