Consumer Insights on Time Warner Cable’s Lack of Customer Sense

What are these guys thinking? I just read an article ( about Time Warner Cable charging its customers not to be listed in a phone book that Time Warner doesn’t even print. Sprint prints Time Warner’s phone book.

Here’s a company who doesn’t give a hoot about their customers and is strictly looking to “maximize return on shareholder value.” Obviously Time Warner, or its board, does not believe that treating its customers or employees better will lead to improved revenue and profitability.

Since they were a client in 1990, it was apparent to me that Time Warner Cable viewed themselves as a public utility and their customers as having no other choice but to use their services. Along came DirecTV and the Dish Network and there went any dealings I had with Time Warner.

They are currently waging a media war with the local ABC affiliate on whether or not they’ll be carrying their station as the college and NFL football seasons approach. Why not spend some of those advertising dollars trying to sway public opinion by improving customer service?

Time Warner Cable keeps wasting their money sending me special offers to sign up for their bundles but I’m not interested in dealing with a company more interested in their shareholders than their customers. It’s sad to see nothing has changed in 20 years.

Has anyone had a good experience with Time Warner?


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