Consumer Insights and the Entrepreneur of Today

As many experienced executives are either unemployed or underemployed, I find it interesting and timely that Patricia Weber, business coach for the introverted and shy, and Monique MacKinnon, creativity expert, have put together a telesummit ( with 13 business leaders an entrepreneur, or someone considering becoming an entrepreneur, would find valuable in light of today’s economy.

These 13 business leaders are successful entrepreneurs themselves, some with several companies, from around the world, as well as noted speakers in their areas of expertise.

Based on who Patricia and Monique have lined up, here are 13 abilities a successful entrepreneur needs today:
1. Delegation
2. Provide outstanding customer service
3. Personal fitness – hint, it reflects on your business
4. Leadership skills
5. Financial management discipline
6. Brand building
7. Leveraging public relations
8. Leveraging the Internet
9. Growing your business
10. IQ, EQ and SQ
11. Marketing
12. Stress management
13. Hire a virtual support team

There are some common themes from these business leaders. You need to take care of yourself, take care of your customers and take care of your business in order for your business to grow. You also have to be able to prioritize and realize that you, alone, can’t do it all.

I look forward to seeing and hearing what these business professionals have to say and help me determine whether or not it’s time for me to become an entrepreneur.

If you’re currently an entrepreneur, or considering the prospect, how do these 13 abilities resonate with you?


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