Consumer Insights on a Retailer Not Thinking

My best friend just bought his son a vacuum for his son in college from

Two days after ordering the vacuum, he receives an e-mail from Amazon with eight vacuum cleaners highlighted at prices up to 30% off “as someone who was recently looking at vacuums.”

Hello, Amazon, did you not notice he’d already bought a vacuum. Two days after he bought the vacuum, do you really want him to know he paid up to 30% too much?

I don’t know how to program a follow-up marketing campaign on Amazon’s sophisticated systems, but I do know that it’s better to thank your customer for their purchase rather than piss them off.

Amazon would have been far better off not following up at all rather than following up in a way that shows they had no clue the customer already fulfilled their need. It’s one thing if this were an item with a short lifespan and high repurchase rate; however, someone doesn’t need to buy a vacuum very frequently.

The same thing happened a month ago when he bought patio furniture. You don’t typically buy multiple sets of that either. And it happened again when he bought a bike. At least they didn’t offer him a chance to save 30%.

Is the left hand not talking to the right hand at Amazon? Does Amazon not treat a completed transaction differently than an abandoned shopping cart? Amazon had built some positive equity with my friend but I dare say they’ve used it all up. Perhaps they should give him a 30% credit on his purchase.

Have you had a similar experience?


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