Consumer Insights and Customer Satisfaction Media Usage

With the multiple ways customers have to interact with their product and service providers, these providers must become equally facile in dealing with customer questions or concerns across all these media.

Since customer satisfaction is key to improving customer retention, your company needs to be prepared to provide customers’ needs and wants in a variety of ways.

According to a recent study by Ovum, the customer’s first preference for customer service is live support with a person (56%) with e-mail (35%) their second preference. However, web self-service, web chat and SMS are growing in importance and will continue to do so as the population ages. Social media, which was not mentioned in this study, is sure to grow in importance.

It’s important to engage with customers where they are most comfortable engaging with you. It’s also important to track and integrate all of these customer interactions so you can continue to provide consistent and outstanding customer service, anticipate questions to cover on your FAQ page and address necessary product concerns before they get out of hand. Commit to providing seamless service across multiple channels.

By integrating communications channels, you will improve response times and your commitment to responding. Don’t forget to monitor and respond to social media. Engage your customer. Let them know what you are trying to accomplish in terms of responding to them across multiple channels and sk for their suggestions. You’ll find out what’s most important to you particular customer base.

It’s also important to circle-back with customers, even those that accessed help via self-service web, to ensure their questions were answered and they had a satisfactory experience. Customers today want to be able to express their opinion, know that their opinion has been heard and know how an issue has been resolved.

If you don’t engage with the customer, don’t expect for the customer to stay engaged with your product or service.

Likewise, if you do engage with the customer across multiple media, you’ll improve your operational efficiency and customer retention.

Through how many channels do you allow customers to engage with you?

Has this increased recently?


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