Consumer Insights — A Well Done Customer Survey

My wife and I both went to the same physical therapy clinic. It’s not a large organization — nine locations in central North Carolina. It’s been around since 1978 and I bet they get a good number of referrals. They’ve got 18 on their website and they’re welcome to add mine.

After my wife completed her therapy, she received a customer satisfaction survey which she happily completed and returned.

I stopped therapy, since my condition can only be helped by surgery. I received a letter from the “patient representative” who is also the “recruiting manager” because it’s “important for us to know how well you are doing since your last visit.”

When I received the letter, I was impressed. It was personalized. The salutation wasn’t perfect but I have a complex name for databases.

I don’t know how large this clinic is revenue-wise but it’s a lot smaller than the hospital and the medical practice where my wife and I have been treated and we receive no form of customer satisfaction survey from them. I’m impressed the physical therapy clinic has a customer satisfaction system in place and take the time to follow-up.

I had an excellent experience with the therapist, contrary to the surgeon. After four visits to the therapist, I was not improving and the therapist suggested I see the surgeon. The surgeon’s office did an MRI and the surgeon recommended surgery. I told the surgeon I was out of work and couldn’t afford to be incapacitated for more than three weeks. He said I wouldn’t be.

My wife had similar surgery and required a three-month recovery period. The therapist told my wife that the surgery recommended for me was similar to hers and would require three months of recuperation as well. I went back to meet with the surgeon who did not admit it would take longer than three weeks to recuperate but told me to cancel the surgery if I wasn’t comfortable doing it now.

Net, net, I’m still in pain and looking for work but am pleased the therapist was more concerned about my situation and took it seriously. If I ever get the surgery, I know who I’ll use as my physical therapist and which PT clinic I’ll make referrals to in the meantime. With regards to the surgery, I’ll be getting several opinions before I decide who operates on me.

From whom have you received an effective customer survey?

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