Consumer Insights and Customer Satisfaction Surveys

I just filled out a “company report card” for Precision Overhead Garage Door. Even though we still have the door we bought from Overhead, when it came time to replace the motor, we went with Precision because of their consistent responsiveness, reliability and honest communications over the past five years. When we first had trouble with the door Overhead Door installed, we found the company to be lacking in customer service.

I had to ask the Precision installer how we could let his bosses know what a good job he did. Ideally, the installer could have presented me with the card after I expressed satisfaction with the service and paid the bill.

Additionally, the 3″ x 5″ “company report card” does not give me an opportunity to share information with Precision that may help them take more business away from Overhead Door. I guess they’re just tracking analytics around customer satisfaction.

They asked for my phone number. We’ll see if they take the opportunity to get some additional consumer insights from a satisfied customer.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you’ll know I strongly believe that understanding and creating a dialogue with your customer is critical to gaining and maintaining loyalty, let alone “raving fans.”

When you give someone a customer satisfaction survey, give them the opportunity to tell you what they did or didn’t like about their experience. Every detail matters to the customer, so it should matter to the product or service provider as well.

In addition to satisfaction, determine the likelihood of repurchase and the willingness to recommend you to a friend, neighbor or business associate (Net Promoter Score). Don’t limit yourself to checked boxes, you’re missing out on positive and negative feedback as well as consumer insights.

Maybe it’s only one percent of your customers that will provide this level of feedback but what’s the cost versus the benefit of a more comprehensive survey?

Once you’ve received feedback, don’t forget to say “thank you” and respond to any needs for improvement promptly. I’d also like to know if our installer receives any special recognition as the result of my completing a survey complimenting his service.

If they’re willing to refer you, go ahead and ask for a referral. There’s no time like the moment the customer has expressed their satisfaction with your product or service. And if you do receive a referral, thank your customer for that as well with a handwritten thank you note or a small token of your appreciation.

You can never receive too much feedback and you can never thank customers enough.

What experience, good or bad, with customer satisfaction surveys?


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