Ideas to Make Your Service Remarkable — Part I

This is the first of a two-part post on how you can improve the service you provide your customers based on insights gleaned from clients over the years.

1. Call clients with status reports. Schedule one or more status report calls to let your clients know everything is on schedule. They will appreciate you providing an update and everyone appreciates a “good news” call.

2. “Install” your product or service. Make sure your client feels comfortable with, and understands, the product or service you’ve put together and are implementing for them.

3. Be careful handing off clients. Everyone on your team should be ready, willing and able to speak to your clients and satisfy their needs as best they can. Check in with your clients to ensure they are being treated well by other members of your team. This is especially risky when the client has been brought in by a business development person and is then handed off to an account executive. Make sure the client knows this is going to happen early in your courtship.

4. Know your competition. When you know your competition well, you have a selling advantage and it helps you serve and sell your clients throughout the relationship. Always serve clients with the knowledge they are under pressure to move their business. Your clients may use one or more of your competitors. When you check your client’s level of satisfaction, find out what your competitors are doing well and learn from them. Likewise, learn what they aren’t doing well.

5. Get to know your clients as people. Clients that will give you more business and better referrals are those with whom you have developed a true friendship. Getting to know your clients better helps create stronger loyalty.

6. Get to know your client’s business. Understand what your clients’ goals are. Find out what problems they are experiencing in business. You will become a more valuable resource and may be able to provide them with other resources.

7. Help your clients know everything your firm can do for them. Help them understand the full breadth of products and services your firm offers. If you’ve created a good working relationship, clients will thank you for reminding them of other ways you can make their life easier. It’s amazing how many siloed companies are out there not informing existing clients of everything their company can be providing the client.

Tomorrow we’ll look at ideas eight through 14.


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