Analytics and Grocery Stores — Part II

A couple of weeks after writing a blog on grocery stores’ poor use of analytics to deliver targeted communications (, I ran across a story in Marketing News that showed that a leader in the drug store channel, CVS Caremark, has beaten grocery stores, at least in my area of the country, to the punch (

Bari Harlan, senior vice president of member engagement for CVS Caremark, shared how consumer insights had convinced the company to add a service to its ExtraCare program in April that encourages loyalty-card carriers to scan their cards as they enter the store at an in-store “coupon center” kiosk and print coupons that can be redeemed immediately.

The coupon center was first tested in 2007. The coupon center was developed in response to customers’ questions, “How come I get these offers on the bottom of my receipt when I’ve already checked out? How about I get them before instead of after?”

Great job of responding to the customer CVS.

This addresses my concern about getting useless coupons after I’ve checked out and lets me decide which coupons I want as I begin my shopping trip. If retailers want greater share of wallet, they should be reminding me that I might be out of something that I buy every four weeks but haven’t bought in six. They can also suggest items that I haven’t considered in a while that are “on sale” rather than relying on me to see the in-store signage or the end-aisle display.

How long before my grocer follows CVS Caremark’s lead?

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