Consumer Insights from Moms

This is the 12th “real life” example of consumer insights that helped to inform a marketing campaign in a way I don’t believe analytics could.

Our client was preparing to launch a line extension for its very successful skin care product.  After several concept tests of line extensions, it was decided that a scented product for children would be launched.

We conducted six focus groups in three cities with moms who were users and non-users of the original product.  Users and non-users alike were equally excited about having a skin care product for their children.  Non-users were more likely to buy the product for their children because they felt like it was worth spending money on their kids more so than on themselves. 

The key learning from these groups was that moms were much more concerned about their daughters’ skin versus their sons’ and that the face was an area of significantly greater concern than other parts of the body. Although the moms did not want their sons or daughters to be hurt, it was universally more acceptable for a boy to have a scar than a girl.

We developed three executions of the campaign as a result of the focus groups – two featuring girls and one featuring boys and all of the executions focused on the face. This knowledge contributed to the successful launch of the line extension.

I think it would have been very difficult to determine the emotions moms felt about their sons’ and daughters’ skin without significant probing on this topic.

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