Consumer Insights and the Unemployed

Consumer insights on job search

Following a two-year stint as director of operations and marketing for the U.S. subsidiary of an Irish company, I am in job search mode again.

After receiving a personal email from Cigna today regarding a job to which I applied, I remembered the following blog post from two and a-half years ago.

Sadly, while the number of opportunities appears to be greater,  the number of responses this time around is below 20%, including my eye care provider of the past 10 years.

I, like millions of others across the U.S., joined the ranks of the unemployed in January. Since that time, I have applied to 987 jobs, received “ding” e-mails from 197 of those applications and had 15 interviews.

Having received “dings” from less than 20% of those jobs for which I applied, I have to ask the question, since when did it become acceptable to ignore a current or prospective customer who wants to work for your company?

I understand that companies are flooded with hundreds of applications for every position. But I also know that most of the firms are managing these applications with application management software from Kenexa, Taleo and several others.

I’ve been in marketing 29 years.  I’m passionate about consumer insights.  I preach the importance of responding to customers in a timely manner.  The least a company I apply to can do is send me an e-mail when the position has been filled or I am no longer in consideration for the position.

There are two companies who I am/was particularly loyal to that I sent FedEx packages, e-mails and made follow-up calls to letting them know I was a loyal customer and interested in working for them — still no response.

Kudos to the 20% that are letting me know (i.e., American Express, IBM, Bayer, DunnHumby, Nestle, Pfizer, Prudential, SAP, Sara Lee, 3M, Wellpoint and Wells Fargo to name a few).

Shame on the large companies, especially those in software and data collection, that are too lazy to program their application management software to send an e-mail to all applicants once a position has been filled.

These companies are hurting their brand and treating their clients and prospective clients poorly.  They will have one less client or prospect when I reenter the workforce.


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